Biology IGCSE OL with Dr. Mahmoud Shaarawy


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In this course, we will -together- unleash the secrets of life on earth and explore the details of our bodies and all living organisms surrounding us. Not only will we go through a detailed illustration of each single detail in our curriculum but we will also prepare ourselves for Cambridge IGCSE exams by solving classified and past paper questions.

Our ultimate target is to achieve the desired grade which is surely an A* in Biology and it is guaranteed.

Most students are afraid from biology and treat it like a monster, so in this course I am going to change your minds and convince you with the truth that biology is the easiest subject of them all. It’s just about understanding everything, being creative and organized in your studying.

In fact, I will teach you several techniques that should help you study, solve problems and even memorize everything without even noticing.

Don’t hesitate to join this extremely interesting journey and I am waiting for you all!

Dr. Mahmoud Shaarawy


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